How to Choose the Right Driveway Sealer for Your Driveway

Home maintenance projects can be extremely overwhelming for new home owners or aspiring DIY enthusiasts. What tools do I need? What brand to buy? Am I being suckered into buying accessory items that I may not really need? Let’s break down exactly what you will need to consider when maintaining your asphalt paved driveway.

The very first thing to think about is prepping the driveway. Before you do any sealing, you need to make sure the surface is free of dirt and debris. Using a pressure-washer is preferred, but just a hose and stiff bristled broom can remove most of the grim. This is important because you want the driveway sealer bonding to the actual asphalt surface of the driveway, and not bonding to the dirt, otherwise the sealer will flake up with the loose particles. After you’ve cleaned the driveway surface, you need to make sure that the cracks and holes are filled to create a smooth, level surface. For cracks less than ¼ inch, use our squeezable liquid crack filler. For cracks bigger than ¼ inch but smaller than ½ inch, use our trowel-able crack filling paste. If you have any big holes, you may want to consider using a chuckhole patch. Wait until all of the crack filler has cured and is dry to the touch before you seal the driveway. If it hasn’t cured yet, putting sealer on top of the crack filler will trap some of the blending agents underneath and it will not form a good bond with the asphalt. See label for coverage rate and application instructions.

After you’ve prepped your driveway, it’s time to decide what driveway sealer to use. For the basic, average driveway, our 81270 Asphalt Emulsion Driveway Sealer (yellow lid) will be all you need. If your driveway has a little bit of a slope to it, our 81280 Asphalt Emulsion Driveway Sealer/Filler (red lid) is ideal. This product contains a sand aggregate to help build traction and increase durability. For bigger sealing jobs, such as commercial parking lots, that most likely get a lot more traffic and abrasion, our 81290 Polymer Modified Asphalt Emulsion Sealer/Filler is the product we would recommend. This formula contains a SBS polymer that it meant to add durability as well as give the driveway the ability to expand and contract with the different temperatures. It will help prevent cracking and potholes better than the average sealer.

Now some of you may say, “I’ve seen a 4 year warranty on some sealers in the Big Box stores and you don’t, and it says they are ‘Airport Grade’ so they must be better.” Next time you are around one of those buckets, take a look at what they are actually warranting. In most cases, you need to keep the original pail, original receipt, and retain a sample of the original product for testing in their labs. It can only be used for a single family home with no snow removal. You cannot use it on commercial parking lots. You do not get reimbursed for the labor. Not to mention, most prorate the warranty so if it fails in year 2 of 4, you would only be reimbursed (assuming the retained sample failed all their lab performance tests) for half of what you originally paid for. Now I am not an airport runway engineer, but I would assume that if this sealer is Airport Grade, they should certainly be able to warrant it for use on commercial parking lots.

When it comes time for you next driveway project, give Asphalt Products a try. If you have any questions on product applications or where to get it, just give us a call at (800) 446-2340.

The Benefits of Aluminum Roof Coatings

Life can be humorous. I’ve begun to notice how the longer I’ve been involved with my job, the more I start to notice the things from my job in my personal life. Recently, I got married to a wonderful and beautiful woman. And because I knew she was going to look so tremendously gorgeous on our wedding day, I knew I had to rise to the occasion myself. So my groomsmen and I all go to Men’s Warehouse to pick up the tuxes we had rented. We start to try on our suits to make sure that everything fits, and we topped it off with our very shiny, polished black shoes. And when I say polished black shoes, I mean POLISHED. Needless to say, we all were looking great in our dark grey tuxes and shiny black shoes.

So the wedding day comes, and I walk outside on my way to the outdoor ceremony and just bask in the abundant sunshine that is all around me. It’s a nice and breezy 76 degree day, not too hot or cold. I travel to the ceremony venue and begin my journey to becoming a married man. I am standing poised at the alter with my groomsmen when I notice something. My feet are BURNING up in these shoes. It felt like someone had just set fire to the tops of my feet, and this was after only 5 minutes of standing in the sun. But after much focus and a little hopping from one foot to the other, I made it through the ceremony and got wed to my amazing wife.

Afterwards, I was telling one of our guests about my shoes and they laughed and exclaimed “You should have put some aluminum roof coating on those shoes. You wouldn’t have had a problem then!” And then it really hits me, a part of my work life intersecting directly in my personal life. It wasn’t a hot day, a mere 76 degrees and it felt like it was 120 in my shoes. Aluminum roof coating certainly would have cooled my feet off, and that’s why it’s so important for the longevity of roofs. The cooler you keep that roof surface, the less likely it is to be damaged by the UV radiation. Because the aluminum reflects away the majority of the heat, it will also keep the interior of the building nice and cool. It’s a cost effective, long term solution to reduce energy costs.

Aluminum roof coating could have solved my problem, could it solve yours?

If you have any questions about our aluminum roof coatings or other products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Email us at or call us directly at (800) 446-2340.

Are you looking to break-up with your current flashing cement?

Cements today can be deceiving. Their packaging looks sexy and dressed up. They are always promising longevity and commitment. They tell you that they are going to fulfill your needs. They promise they are low maintenance. And man, does it look appealing at first! But when you take them home with you and start to really get to know them, that’s when you find out the truth. It becomes a train wreck. The cartridge breaks in the caulking gun because it’s made from cheap cardboard and ends up oozing cement all down the gun and down you. How about when you need a quickie, little repair job during the rain and the cement just won’t stick under the water. Or how about the flashing? You are doing some vertical flashing cement work and the cement starts to quit on you? No matter how hard you try it just won’t stop sagging. Let’s face it, some cements just don’t deliver what they promise you.

I think it’s time you break-up with your current cement brand. You deserve better than that. You deserve quality and performance. Take a look at what Asphalt Products has to offer you. We have a versatile and quality cement line that fits anyone’s repair needs. We choose not to cheapen our products and just aim to make a contractor graded product that will live up to your expectations. You don’t want to have to do repair jobs multiple times because the product fails. We don’t want you to either.

Have you heard of our HP-365? It will definitely impress you. It can perform year round, rain or shine. We package it in a plastic 10 oz. tube so it’s more durable than the cardboard ones and will not crack on you. You can even toss it into the back of your pickup truck and not have to worry about the weather deteriorating it. This cement has more strength than typical roof cements and is trowelable. It is versatile. Use the HP 365 to fix sealing gutters, skylights, copings, vents, chimneys, roof fans and to fasten loose shingles. You really can always find a good place to use some HP 365. If you need a bigger quantity but don’t want to carry a 5 gallon pail onto the roof, we also package it in 3 gallon and 1 gallon containers as well as our tubes.

Don’t let your cement fail you again. Give Asphalt Products a try.

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