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FBC Chemical is a fully integrated and family owned chemical distribution company based in Mars, Pennsylvania. In 1980, Lad Hudac Sr. approached George Merge about purchasing the Asphalt Products Company, initially located in the strip district of Pittsburgh. After a couple years of negotiations, George Merge and Lad Hudac Sr. settled on an agreement and FBC Chemical bought Asphalt Products from George in 1982.

Gerry Hudac, one of Lad’s seven children, decided to manage Asphalt Products after its purchase, and worked hard to learn the ins and outs of making the best asphalt coating possible. Gerry left law school in 1984, to fully concentrate on Asphalt Products and dedicated his energy towards becoming an expert on developing the best contractor grade asphalt coating. Gerry’s leadership fostered a huge growth in customers and the product line itself. In 1992, Asphalt Products was relocated from Pittsburgh to Mars, Pennsylvania to consolidate resources and build a stronger infrastructure as a company. The move also allowed for us to make water-based asphaltic coatings in addition to the solvent based roof and driveway coatings to help diversify our company further.

In 2006, FBC approached Richard Kaplan to purchase Aluminum Coatings Manufacturers, Inc. based in Cleveland, Ohio. Currently, Gerry and Mark Hudac run both plants and have expanded our customer base to become competitive in the Midwest and Canada as well as the Northeast United States. With ALCM specialized in making premium aluminum coatings and cements, this purchase gave FBC and Asphalt Products even more product diversity and greater purchasing power to help drive our costs down and keep our prices competitive.

Our goal continues to be maintaining and building upon long-lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers.


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